Origins Project

Application for a travel-assistance scholarship

Bhutan Experience 2025

About The Scholarship

The travel program of the Origins Project Foundation was created to encourage curiosity about the world, inspire exploration and facilitate interactions with people, places and ideas that are influencing our society – now and in the future. Origins travel adventures are rare opportunities to visit far-reaching parts of the world in the company of a small group of fascinating fellow travelers including thought-leaders who are influencing the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

The Origins Project Foundation is dedicated to providing educational experiences to a wide range of audiences and participants. Thanks to the generosity of donors, a fund is available to help overcome financial obstacles for students, teachers and life-long learners who want to participate in these transformational adventures.

Scholarships include a limited number of 100% discounts on the cost of the trip and deferred payment plans. Recipients will be responsible for travel expenses to and from Bangkok, travel insurance, and incidentals during the trip.

To apply for a scholarship, please submit the form below before 1 June 2024.