Announcing The ORIGINS Project Foundation And Website

“I am very excited to announce the creation of the new ORIGINS Project Foundation and to introduce you to the wonderful board of directors and board of advisors who have agreed to help assist us as we move forward. I want to thank them for their support of our mission. Creating the Foundation has been a labor of love, building on a decade of experience running a University based organization. The success we had there building platforms for the public made it clear that there is a huge public interest in the foundational questions that will illuminate the key challenges of the 21st century. Our new programming will build on that success and enlarge it to include new fascinating topics and bring in a larger cadre of the best minds in the world to interface with the public to excite, motivate, and entertain. Beyond the launch of the new ORIGINS Project Foundation website, which outlines our mission, our personnel, and our evolving plans and projects, the Foundation has a new physical home in Phoenix, AZ, and we are already in the early stages of planning our first public event for the fall of 2019, and our first travel opportunities. I urge you to join our mailing list to learn about new developments as they occur, and to join us in person or online for our events. With our background, experience, and the remarkable group of speakers and participants already connected to our program, we will continue to move forward to provide one of the most significant public forums for the discussion of humanity’s most interesting ideas anywhere in the world. We will function purely on the support we receive from the public for our events, and from private donations. I urge you to consider donating to our non-profit foundation to help make our work possible. The best is yet to come!”


Lawrence M. KraussPresident, The ORIGINS Project Foundation