Climate Change Lecture

The news is full of hotly debated and divergent claims about the existence, impacts and risks of climate change. Public policy should be based on science, but if it isn’t possible to explain the scientific principles & predictions associated with climate change in a straightforward and accessible fashion, then what hope is there for any rational public discourse and decision-making on the subject?

Fortunately, it is possible and Lawrence Krauss will present a lively and compelling narrative that explores the history of how scientists progressed to our current understanding of climate change and explains the basic theoretical and observational underpinnings of climate science. Viewers will leave with an informed perspective to judge public policy proposals, and with information they can use in discussions with family, friends, and within their communities.
Join us for what promises to be an entertaining and informative live event about a topic that should be of interest to us all.

Presented by The ORIGINS Project Foundation in association with Think Inc.

All proceeds will go to the ORIGINS Project Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit foundation devoted to promoting science, education, reason, and culture to meet today’s current challenges.