Our Board

The ORIGINS Project Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation led by Lawrence M. Krauss, with a governing board of directors, and an external advisory board including Nobel Laureates, award-winning authors, distinguished scientists, artists, and business people.

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Board of Directors

Lawrence Krauss


John Edwards


Lyndsey Waugh


Joseph Logan

Steven Horne

Gus Holwerda

Andi Orendain

Advisory Board

Elizabeth Kolbert

Richard Dawkins

Noam Chomsky

Elizabeth Loftus

Anthony Grayling

Gerry Ohrstrom

David Gross

Steven Weinberg

Martin Rees

Ian McEwan

Daniel Schrag

Sheldon Glashow

Sarah Rose Siskind

Penn Jillette

Susan Solomon

Nicole Jon Sievers

Thomas Houlon

Patty Barnes

Eric Sievers

Richard Somerville

Rob Zeps

Ian Tattersall

Werner Herzog

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